Free online tools

Use this facilitation guide to help you plan and structure a meeting with those in your work circle who evaluated your leadership behaviors in the LeAD360. This tool will help those who completed the LeAD360 assessment to gain deeper insight into the leadership feedback provided to you.

This online form will guide you through the process of establishing an effective leader development plan.  A leader development plan is a written road map of how you will develop as a leader. It includes information about your leadership strengths and weaknesses, goals and strategies, and resources and obstacles.

According to 70-20-10 framework, leader development occurs through a combination of work experiences (70%), feedback and relationships (20%), and formal training (10%). In this leader development guide, we provide suggestions of strategies to add to your leader development plan aligned with 1) Problem-solving; 2) Pathways; 3) Positive Persuasion; 4) People & Place.